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Black History: Special Delivery!!


July 20, 2015


Black Mail provides daily posts of historical facts,  news, articles, quotes, and events using social media to challenge, inspire, educate, and uplift!  For the last 3 years, I have posted daily on social media during Black History Month.  Black Mail was launched in July 2015 to provide info year round!

7/20/15 Black Mail: Special Delivery

Little Known Facts About Garrett Morgan

Many of you may know about African American Inventor, Garrett Morgan (1887-1963). He is well know for several inventions including the traffic signal. You may not know he initially gained success through developing a line of hair care products! With money he earned from this venture, he financed several inventions including the traffic signal. Contrary to many reports, he was not the first inventor of the traffic signal but is believed to be the first person to patent his invention in 1923. General Electric purchased his invention for $40k.  garrett morgan

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