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Really bad call: Berger was previously fired from the force for his blackface performances, but won his job back and later a $200,000 settlement (in full makeup)

Bob Berger, a retired Baltimore police officer planned a fundraiser for the police officers indicted in the death of Freddy Gray.  Event was canceled by the venue.  Over 600 tickets had been sold at $45/each.  Berger’s history of black face performance put him at odds with the department during his tenure there.   The picture below is Bob Berger performing in Black Face in the 1980’s.

The Baltimore Sun reported that attorney of Alicia White, one of the officers charged in the case sharply criticized the event and refused to participate stating it was racist!

I am in total agreement with Tessa Hill-Aston of the NAACP.  “Tessa Hill-Aston of the NAACP called Berger’s idea and performance ‘disgusting,’ adding; ‘Right now, with all the things that are going on in Baltimore and also with all the issues with the Confederate flag, this is just putting more salt in the wound.’ ”  (quote from Daily Mail).  Berger has done blackface performances for many years.  Check out this youtube video from 2007 where a reporter covers Bob Berger.  The video is disturbing to me in that it seems to justify or minimize the behavior.

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