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Black History: Special Delivery!!


July 2015


Black Mail: Special Delivery!!


Check out this great video on the importance of HBCU’s during Would War II from


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar On Serena Williams

Black History:  Special Delivery


Freedom Summer Black History Quiz – Test Your Knowledge

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

... . The 1964 voter registration campaign was known as Freedom Summer

Freedom Summer (also known as the Mississippi Summer Project) was a campaign in the United States launched in June 1964!  Take the PBS Black History quiz and test your knowledge on Freedom Summer and it’s impact on the Civil Rights Movement.  The questions are challenging!  I consider myself to be pretty But if you take the quiz, you are sure to learn a lot!  I did awful :).  But I learned a TON!

Click on the link below to take the quiz:

Let me know how you did!  No cheating.  Don’t try to google the answers. 🙂

How Many States Never Allowed Slavery Within Their Borders?

Trivia Question:

How many states never allowed slavery within their borders?

A)  4

B) 10

C)  6

D)  9

National Negro Business League: A Legacy of Strategic Economic Empowerment

Black History: Special Delivery!!


 The National Negro Business League (NNBL) was founded by Booker T. Washington in Boston, MA in 1900. It was organized 12 years prior to the US Chamber of Commerce. NNBL’s sought to promote “commercial, agricultural, educational, and industrial advancement … and the commercial and financial development of the Negro.”  Hundreds of chapters were developed across the US. The organization relocated to Washington, D.C. in 1996 and was renamed the National Business League (NBL). Organizations affiliated with NBL included: National Negro Bankers Association, the National Negro Press Association, the National Association of Negro Funeral Directors, the National Negro Bar Association, the National Association of Negro Insurance Men, the National Negro Retail Merchants’ Association, the National Association of Negro Real Estate Dealers, and the National Negro Finance Corporation.

Booker T. Washington believer that African-American entrepreneurship was critical to addressing racial discrimination and disparities.  Members included various types of business owners (farmers, doctors, lawyers, craftsmen, small business and other professionals (both men and women). NBL created directories for all major cities in the US. NBL helped to foster a vibrant business community. NBL also developed strategic relationships with white business owners and companies. Booker T. Washington, himself, maintained strong relationships with many prominent white business owners such as Andrew Carnegie and Julius Rosenwald (President of Sears and Roebuck). NBL is still active today with offices in Atlanta and Washington DC.

Check out the NBL website at:

1963 Children’s March: Would You Have Allowed Your Children To Participate?

Black Mail:  Special Delivery!!

childrens march 3Childrens march 4

On May 2, 1963 nearly a thousand elementary, middle and high school and college students in Birmingham, Alabama participated in The Children’s Crusade. SCLC staff member James Bevel proposed recruiting local students, arguing that while many adults may be reluctant to participate in demonstrations, for fear of losing their jobs, their children had less to lose. King initially had reservations, but after deliberation he agreed, On May 2, more than a thousand black students skipped their classes and gathered at Sixth Street Baptist Church. As they approached police lines, hundreds were arrested and carried off to jail.

childrens march 5childrens march 2

When hundreds more youth gathered the next day, commissioner Bull Connor directed the police and fire departments to use force to halt the demonstration. Images of children being blasted by high-pressure fire hoses, clubbed by police officers, and attacked by police dogs appeared on television and in newspapers and triggered outrage throughout the world. The Birmingham campaign ended on May 10 when the SCLC and local officials reached an agreement in which the city promised to desegregate downtown stores and release all protestors from jail if the SCLC would end the boycotts and demonstrations. While he faced criticism for exposing children to violence—most notably from Malcolm X, who said that “real men don’t put their children on the firing line”— King maintained that the demonstrations allowed children to develop “a sense of their own stake in freedom”

Black Mail Readers:  Would you have allowed your children to participate in march?  Why or Why Not?

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Cornel West – Quote

Black Mail:  Special Delivery!!



Black History:  Special Delivery!


KweliTV is a streaming service that will launch in December 2015 that is looking to change the face of streaming tv!  “Kweli” is Swahili in origin. It means “truth”.  The streaming service will feature films, documentaries docu series and other content from the black diaspora!  Programs can be viewed “on demand.”

KweliTV was founded by DeShuna Spencer.  Initially it was difficult for her to find investors.  She was able to get start up costs through a $20,000 grant she was awarded.  A journalist by trade, Spencer is a radio show host in Washington DC.  She also founded Empower Magazine in 2010 “to help change the way black people are portrayed in media”.  Sounds like an exciting venture!  Glad to hear about KweliTV and Ms. Spencer changing the media landscape!

Check out the website for more info!

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Martin Luther King Jr: Did You Know About His Name Change?

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

... martin luther king sr martin luther king jr martin luther king iii
Martin Luther King, Sr., Martin Luther King, Jr., Martin Luther King, III

Martin Luther King Jr’s  legal name at birth was Michael King, Jr.  He was named after his father, Michael King, Sr.  Michael King, Sr. decided to change names in 1934 after attending a religious conference in Germany.  He changed both of their names to Martin Luther because of the admiration he developed for the German religious reformer, Martin Luther.

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