Black History: Special Delivery!!


Disruption Is necessary for change” -Bree Newsome

Some of you may remember Bree Newsome the courageous, African American Activist who was arrested for removing the confederate flag in South Carolina. 

She recently published an article on “The Root”.  The title of the Article is:

“When Oppression Is the Status Quo, Disruption Is a Moral Duty”

Article focuses on why  strategic “disruption” is necessary to achieve change.  Ms. Newsome reminds us of the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In his Letter From Birmingham Mail. They still ring true today!

I’m struck by the way society can commemorate the movement of the past while condemning the movement of the present.”

Ms. Newsome shares her perspective on Black Lives Matter movement and why it’s necessary to address issues of oppression and violence in the black community.

Read the article: