Month August 2015

National Negro Opera Company: Legacy of Mary Cardwell-Dawson

Black History:  Special Delivery!! In 1941, the National Negro Opera Company was founded by Mary Cardwell Dawson in Pittsburgh, PA. Dawson attended the New England Conservatory. Graduating in 1925, she was the only African American in her class. She faced… Continue Reading →

Racism: Alive & Well in Retail

A black delivery driver from Lowes was taken off a delivery in Danville, VA because customer didn’t want a black delivery person. When interviewed by reporters, the customer said: “No. I don’t feel bad about nothing….I got a right to… Continue Reading →

Benjamin Bradley: Skilled Inventor

Black History:  Special Delivery!! USS Dale War Ship Born a slave in approximately 1830, Benjamin Bradley was the first person to invent a working model of a war ship steam engine.  Born in Annapolis Marylands faculty. While at the Naval… Continue Reading →

Detroit’s Black Businesses Making A Positive Impact!!

BLACK HISTORY:  SPECIAL DELIVERY!! It’s no secret that I love Detroit! It was great to see black business owners and the city getting some positive press! These black entrepreneurs doing great things in the City of Detroit! Click on the… Continue Reading →

Answer To the 8/9 Trivia Question!

Black History:  Special Delivery!! Question: All of the men below escaped slavery.  Which person used his profession as a sailor as a way to escape slavery? A) Lewis Williams B) Matthew Henson C) Fredrick Douglass D) William Kraft The answer… Continue Reading →

Harriet Tubman Home For The Elderly

Black History:  Special Delivery!! Many of us know about Harriet Tubman’s heroism as a conductor on the Underground Railroad and how she helped hundreds of slave escape to freedom in the north. But did you that she also established a home… Continue Reading →

One Question Quiz: Who Used His Profession As A Sailor to Escape Slavery?

Black History:  Special Delivery!! Test your knowledge!  No cheating.  Don’t google or surf the net to find the answer in advance.  Take your best guess!  Answer will be posted by 7pm EST on Sunday 8/9 All of the men below… Continue Reading →

“Disruption Is Necessary For Change”

Black History: Special Delivery!! “Disruption Is necessary for change” -Bree Newsome Some of you may remember Bree Newsome the courageous, African American Activist who was arrested for removing the confederate flag in South Carolina.  She recently published an article on… Continue Reading →

Sphinx Orchestra: Changing The Face of Classical Music

Black History:  Special Delivery!! Sphinx is a national non-profit organization, headquartered in Detroit, MI. It was founded by Dr. Aaron Dworkin and Carrie Chester. The organization was founded when both were students at U of M.  Dr. Dworkin, who started… Continue Reading →

Dr. James West: Co-Inventor Of The Electric Microphone

Black History:  Special Delivery!! We have African American inventor, Dr. James Edward West to thank for inventing the microphone. 90% of electric microphones used today are a result of his invention. This includes telephones, tape recorders, camcorders, baby monitors and… Continue Reading →

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