Black History: Special Delivery!!

tour for diversity in medicine
Dr. Kameron Matthews (Right) and Dr. Alden Landry (left)

Dr. Kameron Matthews and Dr. Alden Landry are cofounders of “Tour For Diversity in Medicine”. Twice per year, doctors travel the country by bus visiting selected high schools, colleges, and universities to encourage students of color to pursue careers in health professions. Tour For Diversity in Medicine was launched in 2011. Dr. Matthews recalls that one day she and Dr. Landry were on the phone and asked themselves, “Why don’t we just get on the bus? Instead of students coming to see us, because not all students have that capability all the time, why don’t we go see them?” And that’s exactly what they are doing today. In addition to having doctors, the organization also has medical students who serve as mentors participate in the tour. The mission of the organization is: To educate, inspire and cultivate future physicians and dentists of diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds by forming local connections in order to fulfill a national need”

The bus tour consists of 15-20 minority doctors all of whom volunteer to visit different schools twice per year. They share their personal experiences and insights to encourage students of color to consider health careers. 2014 was a milestone year for enrollment of students in color in medical schools. At each stop on the tour students are engaged in a full day workshop that shares info about how to apply for medical school, admissions testing, financial aid, interviewing skills, as well as info on health disparities. More than 2,000 students have been reached through the tours. Though most of the info students need can be found online, the goal of the tour is to help students develop relationships that would inspire them to pursue a medical career.

The 2015 Fall Tour kicks off on October 22. The tour will visit Portland State University, Washington State University and University of Washington, Kudos to Dr. Matthews and Dr. Landry for taking their show on the road to inspire young people of color!


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