Black History: Special Delivery!!

TUESDAY FAST FACT: Famed musician and singer Ray Charles began losing his sight at an early age and was completely blind by the time he was seven due to glaucoma. However, he never relied on a cane or guide dog. He navigated direction by the sound of his hard-soled shoes instead. Many know that he played the piano. But he also was able to play the saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and organ.

Another interesting fact about Ray Charles many do not know is that playing chess was one of his favorite pastimes. He used a special board with raised squares and holes for the chess pieces. In 2002, he played against chess Grand Master Larry Evans, a match that he lost.

Twice married, Charles was also the father of 12 children with 10 mothers

ray  charles 2002 playing chess with grand master larry evans
Ray Charles playing chess with Grand Master Larry Evans in 2002