Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Former NFL Player and two time Super Bowl champion, Dexter Manely joked, “… most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law.”    Check out the video.

Manley made the comments on CBS affiliate WUSA-9 in Washington DC.  He was on air to talk about the Washington Redskins (his former team) and was comparing quarterbacks, Kirk Cousins, and Robert Griffin III when he made the comment about black quarterbacks.

Black quarterbacks have strived for decades to overcome stereotypes regarding their intelligence and ability to play the quarterback position.  His comments are also ironic since he played alongside the first black quarterback in the NFL, Doug Williams.  What’s is also sad is that none of the commentators challenged his statements.  They simply carried on with the discussion.  I hope these comments are not indicative of how sports will be covered in 2016.  Let’s see what the network does to address the comments.
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