Black History: Special Delivery!!

African American Physicist, Dr. Hadiyah-Nicole Green, has been awarded a $1.1M grant to develop her patent-pending cancer treatment using laser activated nanoparticles. Dr. Green currently serves as an assistant professor of physics at Tuskegee University. There are less than 100 black female physicists in the U.S. She earned her masters degree and Ph.D from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. When speaking about her achievements, Dr. Green says she is really no different than anyone else. She also says,

“When opportunity found me, I was prepared.”

The impact of cancer is one that hits close to home for Dr. Green. After the deaths of her father and mother, she was raised by her aunt and uncle who both died from cancer. This helped to fuel her interest in finding ways to cure the disease. She has now been awarded a $1.1 million grant work on cancer treatment technology. The grant and its associated research could open up doors to develop clinical trials using her technology. She has worked on this technology for 7 years while completing her masters and doctoral programs. Her research has focused on targeting cancer cells specifically and not the healthy cells that may be around them. Dr Green is not the first person to explore the use of lasers and nonparticles in cancer treatment. However she has been able improve upon the current research and technology.

Even though she is very busy, she makes time to speak at schools and youth events. She wants to provide a positive example and dispel some of the negative stereotypes portrayed in the media of black women. It will be exciting to see how her research and cancer treatment technology take shape! If you have children that are interested in STEM careers, share this article with them!Tuskegee physicist Hadiyah-Nicole Green wins $1 million grant to study cancer treatment

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