Black History: Special Delivery!!

Thai cosmetics company, “Seoul Secret” recently featured Thai actress Cris Horwang in an online video ad for its skin whitener product, “Snowz”. Horwang wears blackface makeup in the video, with the ad slogan, “You just need to be white to win”. In the video Horwang discusses being an aging actress. Her image begins to darken in the video as a metaphor for her popularity beginning to fade with the public. The company issued a statement indicating it had no intention to promote racism through the ad. The ad premiered on January 7 and was pulled on January 8th. Almost immediately up release, the ad started to receive criticism and complaints on social media with many calling the ad racist. The ad does have some supporters…….those who feel that skin whitening is not racist and is no difference than those, who in Western countries have an obsession with tanning to darken their skin.

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