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angela coutney and michael gilson
Angela Courtney & Michael Gilson

 Angela Courtney, a 2015 Ph.D graduate of the University of California, Davis has developed a new test to detect invasive breast cancer! She developed the test shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Courtney was determined to develop a test that would detect breast cancer without the risk or cost of mammograms. Courtney’s new test looks for certain protein patterns and genomic materials that are present in urine to indicate the presence of breast cancer. The test is being designed to use as part of routine physician office screenings and could be used in remote locations around the world.

Courtney along with Michael Gilson another UC Davis, alumnus, founded Adrastia Biotech in 2015 to further develop the testing. Over time, the urine test will could also provide information about the progress of the cancer and the success of treatment interventions. The test is not designed to replace mammography, but rather to provide an alternative method that does not have risk of radiation and that is also less expensive. This method can also be used more frequently, to identify breast cancer in its early stages.  Check out this brief video where Courtney and Gilson share more info about their company!

Special thanks to Black Mail Reader, “S.O.” for sharing this fascinating information!

Click the link to learn more about this exciting endeavor:

UC Davis News: Alum and cancer survivor founds company to develop breast cancer test


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