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 practice organic farming strategies. The organization is committed to creating a sustainable food system through organic farming. SAAFON is the first and largest organization for African American farmers in the United States. The organization wants to raise the profile of its member farmers and their farms both nationally and internationally. SAFFON identifies itself as a regional organization serving member farmers in eight states: Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and the Virgin Islands.

The Executive Director of SAAFON is Cynthia Haynes. It was Haynes and Southern University Professor Owusu Bandele who helped to organize the first training that would help to launch SAAFON in 2006.  The training aids farmers in transitioning from conventional to organic farming methods. The program also provides farmers with a historical review of African American farming in the South. The training is a great reminder that “organic” was the form of farming used by our ancestors for many generations.

For more information about SAAFON, check out their website.

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