Black History: Special Delivery!!

truth be told

TruthBeTold.News, (formerly HU Insight) is a non-profit website operated by the School of Communications at Howard University. Students in the School of Communications provide fact-checking on issues of interest to the black community. The website has two goals to educate students in journalism techniques as well providing a public service by investigating claims made about the black community. In a recent web article, the website engaged in some fact checking as it relates to the claim that a dollar only stays in the black community for “six hours”. Some of our Black Mail Readers may recall, that several months ago, our blog made a post with similar information. An investigation to vet the claims of how long a dollar circulates in the black community or really any other community for that matter was all but debunked by TruthBeTold.News. The website was able to find several noted authors who sited these statistics. No one seems to be able to recall the true source of the information even though the state has been touted for several years now. This is just one example, and is a true testament to why fact-checking is so necessary. In this digital age, we are able to summon facts and stats with lightening speed and it can sometimes be difficult to determine the accuracy of the information.

Kudos to the journalism students and educators at Howard University for sharing truth and debunking questionable facts. Click here to check out the website.

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