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Desmond Blair


Desmond Blair’s creative expression is amazing to behold. He is taking the art world by storm. Blair originally started painting to solve a problem. Blair was born without hands due to a birth defect called ameilia. He attempted to learn how to write with his feet, and mouth. He then discovered how to write using both of his hands. Growing up, Blair became interested in cartoons and animation. His interest in animation motivated him to keep improving his method of drawing using both hands. Blair eventually decided to focus his artistic skills on painting portraits.

Blair’s experiences growing up were not easy. Being physically different than other kids was challenging. His differences resulted in cruel treatment at times. Even though he could still do everything that other kids could do…..he was still perceived as being different. He did not let this stop him. An excellent student, Blair graduated from high school at 16. After graduating with a bachelors degree from the University of Texas in 2007, he began working in the Media Department at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. He also taught film and editing to high school students in a summer arts program. In 2009, he completed his Master of Fine Arts Degree.

In describing himself, Blair says, “I don’t think disabled, I think different……I am an Artist and problem solver. The two attributes go hand in hand. Speaking of which, I was born without hands. However, that has not stopped me or slowed me down in anyway. I have a spirit or fire. ( Although I think it could just be my grandmother’s stubborness.) I am determined, driven, and I will make my way into history by becoming one of the GREATEST artists in the world with a difference (not disability).”

Desmond Blair’s attitude and accomplishments are truly inspiring!

 Check out this amazing time lapse video of Desmond Blair as he creates “What Happened To My Music”. The piece was created in 2012, when, inspired by a photographer friend, he took on a 52 week painting challenge. The goal was to paint a portrait each week for one year. He created 30 portraits during the one year challenge.

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