Black History: Special Delivery!!


Janet Emerson Bashen received a technology patent in 2006. She is President, Founder, and CEO of Bashen Technologies.  Bashen saw a need to help employers with EEO tracking and reporting to more effectively respond to discrimination complaints filed by employees.  She knew that when discrimination claims were filed against companies, paperwork was often lost and took a long time to process.  She created a web based software platform to help employers track this info and streamline their reporting processes.

In 2001, when she originally filled the patent, very little technology was being used.
Cell phones werent even widely used at the time. Bashen pitched the idea to her employer at the time,  who dismissed it.  So she decided to do it on her own.  With a $5,000 loan from her mother, she assembled a team and got to work.  Development took several years.

Her first client was Denny’s, who was dealing with some well publicized discrimination complaints at the time.  Her company has continued to grow and Bashen joins an elite group of black women who have received software patents.  Marian Croak actually received a software patent before Bashen. These women are true pioneers!

She resides in Houston, TX. She is married and has 2 children. She is a graduate of the University of Houston.  For more info, check out the article about Bashen featured in Black Enterprise.

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