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Marsha Barnes

Marsha Barnes a 40 year old native of Charlotte, NC was determined to launch a financial coaching business. After years of working for a major financial services company, she was inspired to create a unique space to educate and equip others in developing greater financial literacy.

Instead of investing in office space, Barnes decided to by a bus so that she could provide mobile financial services to her clients. Barnes purchased her 45 foot bus on Craig’s List from a local pilot for $3,500. She then hired an interior designer, and got busy updating the bus into a mobile office space. Barnes installed comfortable seating and work stations. Barnes thought of the idea to have mini bar stools in the bus. This thought inspired the name of business, “The Finance Bar”.

The Finance Bar offers workshops and seminars on a variety of financial topics (debt management, budgeting, family finances). Clients can select from a menu of options. She also provides financial coaching to small businesses as well. Barnes is not a financial planner. She is a certified financial educator which is a professional certification for individuals who teach money management skills and financial literacy. In addition to offering mobile services, The Finance Bar also offers a virtual members club for $10/month.  Barnes describes her niche as being a “coach”. She does not sell in formal financial products or provide investment consultation. The Finance Bar is a non-profit 501c3. Barnes hopes to do fundraising and write grants to help expand her services. She hopes one day to have buses in several different states.


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Bus Interior

Currently, her clientele is mostly women. She also does presentations for schools and organizations as well. Barnes goal is to make financial coaching accessible to everyone focusing on those who may limited access. Her innovation and experience is a great combination for success. Taking the service into the community and making it accessible provides a great community service!

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