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February 13, 2016

Lewis College of Business: A Detroit HBCU

Lewis College of Business, was the first African American owned and operated business school for blacks in Indianapolis, Detroit, and Cleveland. Its founder, Violet T. Lewis, was truly a trailblazer, launching the school during the Great Depression. Click the link to learn more about this unsung HBCU.


Source: Lewis College of Business: A Detroit HBCU

Lewis College of Business: A Detroit HBCU

Black History: Special Delivery!!

lewis college of business first class held in detroit
Lewis Business College – 1939 First Day of Class In Detroit

Lewis Business College was a trailblazer in providing business education to African American students.  The college was launched by its visionary founder, Violet T. Lewis.  Her dedication and perseverance paved the way for thousands of African Americans to access higher education.  Continue reading “Lewis College of Business: A Detroit HBCU”

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