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Daniel Jenkins
Daniel Jenkins, Founder of Jenkins Orphanage (now Jenkins Institute)

Jenkins Institute, originally chartered as, “Jenkins Orphanage” was founded on December 16, 1891 by Pastor Daniel J. Jenkins. It received its official charter from the State of South Carolina in 1892. Its mission was to provide, “a safe, secure, loving home environment for orphans and destitute boys and girls in need”. Jenkins was pastor of a small African American church. He also worked as a labourer. On a cold December day in 1891, Rev. Jenkins was working, hauling timber, when he encountered 4 young boys. They were huddled in a railroad car and had been abandoned by their parents. All of the boys were under the age of 12. The plight of the boys touched Jenkins, as he was also orphaned as a child. Born a slave, he too, was orphaned at a young age and turned off his plantation and left to fend for himself. He then went from farm to farm working for room and board. Jenkins brought the boys home to his wife, Lena, and provided them with food and beds. Though Jenkins and his wife had children of their own and not much money; they did not hesitate to help the young boys who were in need. Their act of kindness to these 4 boys would start a life long journey of helping children. Continue reading “Rev. Daniel J. Jenkins: Founder of Jenkins Orphanage & Jenkins Orphanage Band”