Month March 2016

The Ishango Bone: Early Tool Used For Mathematic Computations

Nearly 1,000 years before the Egyptians began performing basic math calculations, the Ishango Bone was being used as a math tool in the Ishango region of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Click the link to learn more.

1895 Photo Of Black Man’s Lynching Used As Table Décor At Joe’s Crab Shack In Minnesota

Two black patrons at a Minnesota Joe’s Crab Shack, were surprised to be seated at a table which displayed the 1895 lynching of a black man. Click the link to learn more.

And There It Is!! President Obama Tells Us How/Why Donald Trump’s Bigotry Is Being Endorsed/Embraced

President Obama is clapping back at those who have blamed him for the bigotry and antics of Donald Trump. Click the link to check out his comments made at a recent press conference.

Why Do People Think Black History Starts With Slavery and Ends With MLK?

As black people, slavery is certainly a part of our history. However, our history as a people does not start or end with slavery. Jane Landers of Vanderbilt University shares some wonderful, yet little known info about the history of Africans in the Americas! Click the link to view.

Dr. Leonidas Harris Berry: Ground Breaking Medical Doctor Who Would Forever Change The Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcoholism

Dr. Leonidas H. Berry made a groundbreaking discovery that would forever change the treatment of alcoholism. Click the link to learn more.

I Will Survive?……Disabling The Drive To “THRIVE”

Since when does merely “surviving” or just getting by become our measure of success? Click the link check out this powerful reflection, “Disabling The Drive To Thrive.” We would love to hear your feedback!

Bravo To This Mother & Her Creativity In Teaching Black History!

Ava Rogers and her mom are celebrating Black History Month with a Black History Photo shoot! Click the link to learn more!

Delilah L. Beasley: Historian, Journalist, & Reporter

Delilah Beasley used the power of her pen as well as her passion for history to chronicle the experiences of blacks in California. Largely self taught, she is credited with being one of the first people to document the existence and contributions of blacks in California. Click the link to learn more.

Quote: “You are not being oppressed when another group gains rights you’ve always had.” – Unknown

Quote: “You are not being OPPRESSED when another group gains rights you’ve ALWAYS had.” – Unknown

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