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Black History: Special Delivery!!


February 28, 2017

Kenneth Dunkley: African American Inventor Who Gave Us 3D Glasses

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

African American Inventor Kenneth Dunkley (1939- ) created 3D glasses in 1986.


It Ain’t Over…… Celebrate & Elevate Black History Everyday!

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Surely our need to educate, inform, and inspire cannot be confined to one month out of the year? 

Embracing Black History, past, present, and future is a “life-long” pursuit, not a “month-long” pit stop.

Enid Gaddis, ©2017

Privilege Prevails Once Again: Man Accused Of Assaulting Mentally Disabled Black Man Receives NO Jail Time

Black History:  Special Delivery!!




In 2015, John R.K. Howard and 2 other white students at Dietrich High School in Idaho were accused of assaulting a mentally disabled black student. uring the assault, a coat hanger was placed in the victim’s rectum and then kicked in. Attorney’s for Howard suggested that the victim fabricated information to help advance a $10 million lawsuit that has been filed by the victim’s parents. The town’s mayor, Don Heiken told The Guardian that Howard “got a slap on the wrist”.  The victim’s family reported that their son was chronically abused and that the school did not do enough to stop it. Statements made by parents in court documents suggest that Howard was the ringleader of the abuse which included the victim being coerced to sing racially offensive songs, being called racial slurs, and being photographed naked. Continue reading “Privilege Prevails Once Again: Man Accused Of Assaulting Mentally Disabled Black Man Receives NO Jail Time”

Richard Ewell: 1st African American To Win National Figure Skating Title

Black History:  Special Delivery!!


Richard Ewell


Richard Ewell was the first African American to win national skating titles in pair skating (1972) and singles skating (1970).  He won the pair skating title with African American skater Michelle McCladdie.  Ewell’s first figure skating coach was the legendary African American skater, Mabel Fairbanks.  Ewell later went on star in Icecapades and now coaches figure skating in California.



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