Black History:  Special Delivery!!




In 2015, John R.K. Howard and 2 other white students at Dietrich High School in Idaho were accused of assaulting a mentally disabled black student. uring the assault, a coat hanger was placed in the victim’s rectum and then kicked in. Attorney’s for Howard suggested that the victim fabricated information to help advance a $10 million lawsuit that has been filed by the victim’s parents. The town’s mayor, Don Heiken told The Guardian that Howard “got a slap on the wrist”.  The victim’s family reported that their son was chronically abused and that the school did not do enough to stop it. Statements made by parents in court documents suggest that Howard was the ringleader of the abuse which included the victim being coerced to sing racially offensive songs, being called racial slurs, and being photographed naked.

The victim’s parents report that since the incident he has attempted suicide multiple times. The family has left Idaho and the victim is now residing in an assisted living facility. Howard initially faced a sexual assault charge that could have resulted in a life sentence. Two other students were also charged along with Howard. Because they are minors, their court records are sealed. Howard, ended up pleading guilty to a lesser felony charge of “injury to a child”. He was sentenced to 3 years of probation and community service. 150,000 signatures have been collected on a petition to remove Judge Randy Stoker who presided over the case. At sentencing, Judge Stoker said, “If I thought you have committed this offense for racial purposes, you would go straight to the Idaho penitentiary.”

During the trial, the defense team played a recording made by two coaches in May 2016.  In the recording, the victim indicates that he was “fed lies” and that he was “pressured”.  The victim later recanted these statements and indicated he made the comments because he wanted to keep his friends.  The victim detailed accounts of serial and chronic harassment and abuse.  In one incident, the victim reported that students ripped his pants off on a team bus, took pictures of him naked, and called him racial slurs.

Privilege is clearly at play when such a horrific crime receives a slap on the wrist.  Another black body mutilated for pleasure and sport.  When will it stop?  Share your thoughts Black Mail Readers!  I would love to hear your feedback.