Black History: Special Delivery!!

Robert Guillaume (1924-2017) died on 10/24/17 at the age of 89 at his home in Los Angeles.

He was born Robert Williams but changed his last name because he thought it gave him more distinction. Guillaume had a troubled start in life. It is reported that his mother disliked him because of his dark skin. From St. Louis, MO, the family was poor. He didn’t know his father. His mother was a prostitute. He would go on to find fame and fortune in TV and theater. He was the first African American to play the lead role in Phantom Of The Opera. He was also played a lead role in the first all black cast of Guys and Dolls for which he won an Emmy in 1977. Guillaume played the role of Frederick Douglass in the 1985 mini series, North and South as well as the voice of Rafiki in Lion King in 1994 as well.

He is survived by 4 children.