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freddie figgers
Freddie Figgers (1989 – )

Freddie Figgers (1989 – ), is an African American inventor, entrepreneur, and computer programmer. He is the CEO and founder of Figgers Wireless. The company is located in Quincy, Florida. Figgers’ rise from being abandoned and left in a dumpster at birth to becoming CEO of a company valued at over $62 million is nothing short of amazing! After being abandoned at birth, Figgers was adopted by two loving parents. He got his start in computers at the age of 9, when he received a broken computer which he was able to fully repair.

Upon learning that his father had Alzheimer’s, Figgers invented a shoe with a GPS tracker and a two-way communicator. He would later sell this invention for millions of dollars. At age 12, he was hired as a computer technician. By age 15, he had launched his own cloud computing service. Figgers would become the youngest person in history to hold an FCC license which he would use to launch, Figgers Wireless. It is the sole black-owned company in the country which manufactures its own 4G phone and 5G smartphones.

The 5G phone offers wireless charging features that allow customers to wirelessly charge their phones within 5 meters of the charger. Figgers holds a number of U.S. and international patents. The 5G cell phone is able to achieve an 80% charge in 12 minutes. Figgers is positioning his 5G smartphone to compete against iPhones and other popular smartphones. The company also uses geostationary satellites to transmit cellular data faster and father that most carriers who use traditional cell towers for signal transmission. This technology allows for faster transmission of signals at greater distances.

In addition to the telecommunications company, Figgers also has a charitable foundation. During Hurricane Maria which devastated Puerto Rico, Figgers donated 500 cell phones with SIM cards and unlimited text/data. Figgers Wireless is actively seeking new customers! Check out their website:

Check out this video to learn more about Figgers Communications: