Black History:  Special Delivery!!


Roy Allela

Kenyan inventor and engineer Roy Allela is developing technology that allows sign language to be translated into audible speech.  Inspired to explore ways to improve communication with a niece who is deaf motivated Allela to explore how technology might be able to bridge the gap.  Neither Allela or other family members know sign language.   The “Sign-IO” gloves use Bluetooth technology to translate signals from sensors on the glove when a person is making sign language gestures.  The sensors translate the signals into audible speech.  The glove transmits the signal to an Android phone which then uses a text to speech function “interpret” the sign language. Allela’s niece wears the gloves and then connects them with her cell phone or a family members cell phone.  The gloves are currently being tested as a prototype.  Allela would like to see the gloves placed in schools and made available to children with special needs in Kenya and eventually make the gloves available globally.   His invention is already winning awards and recognition internationally.

In addition to being an inventor, Allela also works as a program manager for Intel.  He is a graduate of the University of Nairobi where he earned a degree in Microprocessor Technology and Instrumentation