Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Many people are unaware that Nazi Germany studied the racist laws of the U.S. The Nazis took special interest in the U.S.’s southern Jim Crow Laws that codified and enforced racial segregation and discrimination.    The Nazis had the racist practices of the U.S. in mind when they passed the Nuremberg Laws in 1935.   The Nuremberg Laws were two different laws:  the Reich Citizenship Law and the Law of the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.  These laws sanctioned the persecution of Jewish people during World War II and the Holocaust.  The Nazis debated whether or not to enforce similar Jim Crow laws but eventually decided that the U.S. laws did not go far enough.  They concluded that Jim Crow was an appropriate strategy for the U.S. because blacks were already experiencing poverty and racial oppression.  However, in Germany, Jews were viewed as being wealthy and powerful.  Because of this, the Germans felt it was necessary to take more drastic measures.  

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