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The National Equal Rights League (NERL) was founded in New York in 1864.   It is considered one of the first human rights organizations in the country.  The National Equal Rights League was established at a National Convention of Colored Citizens in Syracuse, NY.  142 delegates attended representing 17 states and Washington DC.  The organization advocated for full and immediate citizenship for African Americans.  It is It’s formation during the Civil War was a catalyst for its focus on full citizenship as compensation for the service of African Americans in the military during the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  Founders of the organization including Henry Highland Garnet, Frederick Douglass, and John Mercer Langston, argued that the African American men engaging in military services should be given the right to vote and that both black men and women should have the right of full citizenship.  Over time NERL launched other organizations including the National Negro Bar Association, National Negro Business League, as well as investment groups. 

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