Graphic title:  Celebrating Valentines Day and Black History. Below the title is a heat with a fist.  To the right of this pic it states:  Happy Valentine's Day! 
What a perfect day to declare our love for Black History by sharing some notable events that occurred on February 14th.  Check out the post to learn more.. At the bottom of the graphic is the website:

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1760—Birth of Richard Allen. Religious leader Richard Allen was born enslaved in Philadephia, Pennsylvania. Allen helped to found and served as the first Bishop of the African American Episcopal Church, one of the largest Black denominations in America, with over 1 million members globally. 

1817—Birthdate of Frederick Douglass. February 14th is believed to be the birthdate of abolitionist and orator Frederick Douglass. Douglas purchased his freedom in 1845. He is recognized as an influential African American leader.

1867—Morehouse College founded. The college was founded in Augusta, Georgia, as the Augusta Institute. The school moved to Atlanta in 1879, becoming the Atlanta Baptist Seminary. The name was changed to Morehouse in 1913. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, is a graduate of Morehouse.

1936—The National Negro Congress organized. The congress was organized at a meeting in Chicago, Illinois, attended by more than 800 delegates representing nearly 500 Black organizations. A. Phillip Randolph was elected as its first president. One of the organization’s priorities was to generate support for the “New Deal” legislation of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. At this time, most Black voters were Republicans. The New Deal and the social programs proposed by Roosevelt catalyzed a massive shift of Black voters to the democratic party.   

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