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How The Senate Filibuster Has Been Used To Thwart Civil Rights Legislation

The U.S. Senate’s use of the filibuster has long been used as a tactic to thwart civil rights and voting legislation. Click the link to learn more.

Georgia Gilmore And The Club From Nowhere: Unsung Heroes Of The Civil Rights Movement

Georgia Gilmore and The Club From Nowhere are unsung heroes of the Montgomery Bus Boycott, raising funds that were critical to the success of the boycott. Click the link to learn more.

The Compromise of 1877: Igniting The Flames Of Jim Crow Segregation And Discrimination

The Compromise of 1877 led to the establishment of Jim Crow segregation and discrimination. In an effort to stop Reconstruction-era progress, Democratic and Republican party leaders secretly collaborated to gain more power and control over the formerly enslaved. Click the link to learn more.

The Prayer Pilgrimage For Freedom: A Call For Full School Desegregation Following Brown v. Board of Education

The 1957 Prayer Pilgrimage For Freedom convened in Washington, DC, as a demonstration against the South’s refusal to comply with desegregation requirements outlined in the Brown v. Board of Education court ruling. Click the link to learn more.

Say It With Me: “I Am Somebody”

“I Am Somebody” is a timeless poem affirming the inherent value and dignity of black lives in particular and all humans in general. While some may believe Jesse Jackson penned the poem, it was actually Dr William H. Borders who is the author. Click the link to learn more.

Daniel Alexander Payne: First Black President Of A U.S. College

In 1863, Daniel Alexander Payne became the first black president of a U.S. college. Click the link to learn more.

Brad Lomax: Unsung Hero Of Civil Rights And Disability Rights

Brad Lomax was a disability rights advocate whose leadership was instrumental in ensuring the accessibility of public spaces for people with disabilities. Click the link to learn more.

Last One Standing: Black History Trivia

Test your knowledge! Take our “Last One Standing” Black History Trivia Quiz. No Googling or surfing the web! Click the link to take your best guess.

Confronting Environmental Injustice: Pahokee Florida’s Battle For Equity

The environmental injustice plaguing the predominately Black and Latinx residents of Pahokee, Florida, is alarming and brings us to the intersection of environmental injustice and systemic discrimination. Click the link to learn more.

Black Men And Prostate Cancer

Did you know that Black men experience prostate cancer at a disproportionately high rate? They are 70% more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer than white men. Black men also experience a higher rate of death from prostate cancer due to a lack of testing and treatment. Awareness and early detection can save lives! Click the link to learn more.

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