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Jewel Plummer Cobb: African American Cancer Researcher and Scientist 

Jewel Plumber Cobb was an African American scientist and cancer researcher who conducted groundbreaking research on the relationship between skin pigmentation and cancer. Click the link to learn more.

Dr. Betty Wright Harris:  African American Chemist And Inventor Who Patented Test To Detect Explosives

Dr. Betty Harris is an accomplished African American chemist and a leading expert in the areas of explosives, environmental remediation, and hazardous waste treatment.  She also holds a patent for a spot test that detects the presence of explosive materials.  Click the link to learn more.

Rosalind Brewer Named Chief Operating Officer and Group President at Starbucks

Rosalind Brewer named Chief Operating Officer and group president at Starbucks. Click the link to learn more.

Kenneth Dunkley: African American Inventor Who Gave Us 3D Glasses

African American Inventor Kenneth Dunkley created 3D glasses in 1986. Click the link to learn more.

Trivia Answer

Trivia Answer: How Many African Americans have flown space missions with NASA? Click the link for the answer.

NASA’s African American Astronauts

Black Mail Trivia: How many African American astronauts have flown space missions for NASA? Answer will be posted at 6pm EST

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