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Desmond Blair: An Artist Who Is Different NOT Disabled

Black History: Special Delivery!!

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Desmond Blair


Desmond Blair’s creative expression is amazing to behold. He is taking the art world by storm. Blair originally started painting to solve a problem. Blair was born without hands due to a birth defect called ameilia. He attempted to learn how to write with his feet, and mouth. He then discovered how to write using both of his hands. Growing up, Blair became interested in cartoons and animation. His interest in animation motivated him to keep improving his method of drawing using both hands. Blair eventually decided to focus his artistic skills on painting portraits. Continue reading “Desmond Blair: An Artist Who Is Different NOT Disabled”

White Shoes Photo Series

Black History:  Special Delivery!!


Over My Dead Body From the “White Shoes” Photo Series, 2013 By Nona Faustine

Learn more about the “White Shoes” Photography series by Nona Faustine. The imagery is POWERFUL!!

Nona has chosen to display herself in naked at various locations associated with slavery in New York.  She chose to pose nude to highlight the vulnerability and inhumane treatment of slaves.  In the photos, she is nude with the exception of wearing white shoes. Nona indicates that “white shoes” represent the “white patriarchy” from which she says we have been unable to escape.  This is a courageous work!

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Malcom X Quote

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

malcolm x quote

WGPR/Channel 62 – 1st African American Owned TV Station In The U.S.

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

In 1961, Dr. William V. Banks, took a lead role when the International Free and Accepted Modern Masons bought WQTI 107.5 and renamed it WGPR.  He changed the format to R & B, gospel and soul music to make it more appealing to African American Detroiters.  In 1975, he would do the same thing in the television industry by launching Channel 62.  Bank’s purchase made WGPR the first television station ever to be wholly owned by African Americans.

The station created an opportunity for African-Americans in front of and behind the cameras. At that time not only were there no black-owned television stations, but there weren’t a lot of black people working in television.  One TV-62’s signature shows was, “The Scene”; a dance show featuring African Americans.  “The Scene was on air from 1975-1987”.

In 1995, WGPR-TV was sold to CBS.  CBS changed the tv station name to WWJ-TV and targeted its programming for a general audience.

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