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Dr. Leonidas Harris Berry: Ground Breaking Medical Doctor Who Would Forever Change The Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcoholism

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Dr. Leonidas Berry


Dr. Leonidas Harris Berry (1902-1995) was an African American trailblazer in gastroscopy and endoscopy. Berry served as the president of the National Medical Association (NMA). NMA was medical association for African American physicians. Berry invented the Eder-Berry biopsy gastroscope in 1955. This invention improved the way doctors collect tissue from the stomach without surgery. He also determined that it is not the stomach that was damaged by alcoholism, but rather the liver. This discovery would change the diagnosis and treatment of the disease forever. Continue reading “Dr. Leonidas Harris Berry: Ground Breaking Medical Doctor Who Would Forever Change The Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcoholism”

Dr. Harold Freeman: Fighting Cancer Related Healthcare Disparities

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

harold freeman
Dr. Harold P. Freeman


Dr. Harold Freeman (1933 – ) is a national expert when it comes to poverty and cancer. Born in Washington DC, Freeman attended Catholic University and then went to medical school at Howard University. Freeman began his medical career at Harlem Hospital in 1967. He was alarmed to discover that many of his patients suffered with advanced stages of cancer. Freeman made it his mission to determine why his primarily African American patients experienced such a high mortality rate. His goal was to reduce the health disparities for cancer patients that were associated with race and income. Continue reading “Dr. Harold Freeman: Fighting Cancer Related Healthcare Disparities”

Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr.: Performed The 1st Implantation of An Automatic Heart Defibrillator

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

levi watkins jr
Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr.

In 1980, Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr. (1944-2015) performed the first implantation of an automatic defibrillator in a human heart. Watkins was also a professor of cardiac surgery and an associate dean at John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Watkins was born in Parson, Kansas. He grew up in Montgomery, AL and became good friends with civil rights leader, Dr. Ralph Abernathy. He also met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., who, at the time had just started preaching at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. Watkins was inspired by Dr. King and also became involved in the civil rights movement, serving as a volunteer driver transporting church members who were participating in the Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1956. Continue reading “Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr.: Performed The 1st Implantation of An Automatic Heart Defibrillator”

Residents Of Flint, MI Protest During Governor Snyder’s State Of The State Address


Residents of Flint are demanding accountability! This photo was taken by a resident participating in the protest which was underway during, the State of The State address delivered by Michigan governor, Rick Snyder.

Their entire community has been impacted by the water crisis. May justice prevail on their behalf.

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New Test To Detect Breast Cancer Developed By Breast Cancer Survivor Angela Courtney

Black History: Special Delivery!!


angela coutney and michael gilson
Angela Courtney & Michael Gilson

 Angela Courtney, a 2015 Ph.D graduate of the University of California, Davis has developed a new test to detect invasive breast cancer! She developed the test shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Courtney was determined to develop a test that would detect breast cancer without the risk or cost of mammograms. Continue reading “New Test To Detect Breast Cancer Developed By Breast Cancer Survivor Angela Courtney”

AWESOME! Mortician Opens Fresh Food Store Because He Was Tired Seeing People Die

Mortician Erich March was tired of seeing people in his East Baltimore community die of conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

Source: AWESOME! Mortician Opens Fresh Food Store Because He Was Tired Seeing People Die

Dr. Patricia Bath: 1st African American Female To Patent A Medical Invention

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Dr. Patricia Bath
Dr. Patricia Bath

 Born in 1942, ophthalmologist, Dr. Patricia Bath, was the first African American female doctor to patent a medical invention. Her patent for the Cataract Lasephaco Probe removes cataracts using a laser device. Her device made cataract removal painless and much more accurate. Throughout her career, Dr. Bath has been focused on the treatment and prevention of blindness. Her invention was patented in 1988. The method in use before her invention used a type of grinding/drill like device to remove cataracts. In the U.S., about half of the vision loss in African Americans is caused by cataracts.

Dr. Bath graduated from Howard University School of Medicine in 1968 and completed additional ophthalmology and corneal transplant training at New York University and Columbia University. She became the first African American female surgeon at UCLA Medical Center and the first woman to be on the faculty of Jules Stein Eye Institute at UCLA. She is also the founder of the American Institute for the Prevention of Blindness.  Dr. Bath is also credited with introducing “community ophthalmology” a new discipline in the field of ophthalmology. The new discipline incorporates elements of health care, community medicine and clinical ophthalmology. She also incorporated the use of telemedicine into her practice using it to reach remote areas. She identifies the “right to sight” as her credo. She is seen as a pioneer in research and innovation within the field of ophthalmology.


Did you miss yesterday’s post?  Click here to learn more about Ron Galimore, the first African American male gymnast to be selected for US Gymnastics Olympic team.

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Discovered CTE Disease in NFL Players

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Dr. Bennet Omalu
Dr. Bennet Omalu

Dr. Bennet Omalu is an associate clinical professor of pathology at UC Davis.  Omalu discovered the neurological disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in retired professional football players.  He is also chief medical examiner of San Joaquin County. CTE has received much attention in the media especially in professional football. Currently the disease can only be diagnosed post mortem.

The NFL has challenged the legitimacy of this discovery of CTE by Dr. Omalu.  Click here to see the video and view the transcript of an interview Dr. Omalu did with NPR in 2013.

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