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Residents Of Flint, MI Protest During Governor Snyder’s State Of The State Address


Residents of Flint are demanding accountability! This photo was taken by a resident participating in the protest which was underway during, the State of The State address delivered by Michigan governor, Rick Snyder.

Their entire community has been impacted by the water crisis. May justice prevail on their behalf.

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New Test To Detect Breast Cancer Developed By Breast Cancer Survivor Angela Courtney

Black History: Special Delivery!!


angela coutney and michael gilson
Angela Courtney & Michael Gilson

 Angela Courtney, a 2015 Ph.D graduate of the University of California, Davis has developed a new test to detect invasive breast cancer! She developed the test shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Courtney was determined to develop a test that would detect breast cancer without the risk or cost of mammograms. Continue reading “New Test To Detect Breast Cancer Developed By Breast Cancer Survivor Angela Courtney”

Dr. Samuel L. Kountz, Jr: A Trailblazer In Organ Transplants

Black History:  Special Delivery!!


Dr. Samuel Kountz, Jr (1930-1951) was a medical pioneer and trailblazer in the area organ transplants. Dr. Kountz and Dr. Roy Cohn conducted the first successful kidney transplant where the donor and recipient were close relatives but not twins in 1961. Continue reading “Dr. Samuel L. Kountz, Jr: A Trailblazer In Organ Transplants”

Dr. Bennet Omalu: Discovered CTE Disease in NFL Players

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Dr. Bennet Omalu
Dr. Bennet Omalu

Dr. Bennet Omalu is an associate clinical professor of pathology at UC Davis.  Omalu discovered the neurological disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in retired professional football players.  He is also chief medical examiner of San Joaquin County. CTE has received much attention in the media especially in professional football. Currently the disease can only be diagnosed post mortem.

The NFL has challenged the legitimacy of this discovery of CTE by Dr. Omalu.  Click here to see the video and view the transcript of an interview Dr. Omalu did with NPR in 2013.

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