Black History: Special Delivery!!



Middle School Classroom Display Features Nooses As “Back To School Necklaces”

Black History: Special Delivery!!

NBCNEWS.COM reports that 3 teachers at Roosevelt Middle School in Long Island, NY have been placed on administrative leave due to a classroom display containing 2 nooses, that were referred to as “BACK TO SCHOOL NECKLACES”. The student body is mostly African American and Latino. The display was discovered on February 7, 2019.

Supporters of the teachers feel that the display was a “joke”. How is it possible that not one of the teachers questioned this? DISTURBING! Check out the NBC News article for more info:

“A Red Record”:  A History of Lynching Documented By Ida B. Wells Barnett

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Ida B. Wells Barnett (1862-1931)

Published in 1895, by journalist and activist, Ida B. Wells-Barnett (1862-1931), “A Red Record” was a pamphlet designed to recount America’s history of lynching African Americans. The term “lynching” dates back to the late 1700’s. The term was named after a frontier judge named Charles Lynch. Lynch was known for quickly dispensing of jury trials, preferring instead to use hangings as a way to quickly mete out justice. Thus, the hangings, came to be known as lynchings. Lynching is really an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of ways that someone could be put to death. Ida B. Wells Barnett made it her life’s work to speak out against this unjust practice. She was a skilled orator and journalist. “A Red Record” served as another way in which she could fight against the unjust practice of lynching.

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1895 Photo Of Black Man’s Lynching Used As Table Décor At Joe’s Crab Shack In Minnesota

Black History: Special Delivery!!



A Joe’s Crab Shack location in Minnesota is in hot water. On March 10, 2016, Tyrone Williams and Chauntyll Allen visited the Joe’s Crab Shack in Roseville, MN. When seated, they noticed a picture of what appeared to be a lynching. The photo displayed a large group of whites at the public hanging of a black man. The picture was captioned, “Hanging At Groesbeck, TX on April 12, 1895”.   Added to the photo was a speech bubble near the executioner’s stand, “All I said was, I don’t like the gumbo”

Restaurant management apologized for the photo and offered the patrons a free meal which they refused.  The man depicted in the photo was Richard Burleson who was convicted of killing a man with a rock in 1894. The horrific legacy of lynching in the U.S. is well documented. It was not at all unusual for blacks to be accused of trumped up charges and not given due legal process. The patrons and the NAACP demanded a public apology and the removal of the table. They also demanded that the franchise owner, Ignite Restaurant Group make a donation to the local NAACP.  It is unknown if the picture was present in other Joe’s Crab Shack locations.  It is not clear if the picture appears at other locations of the Texas-based restaurant.

Some of our Black Mail readers may remember our previous Black Mail post about photographs from lynchings being sold as postcards.  In 2016, it seems that there are some who are still finding ways to profit off the murder and mistreatment of African Americans.  Even more surprising is that the offensive nature of the “décor” could would not have been questioned before making it all the way into the view of the general public.


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