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Oh No He Didn’t: Ben Carson Calls Enslaved Africans “Immigrants”

Dr. Ben Carson refers to enslaved Africans as “immigrants” during recent speech. Click the link to learn more.

Cookman Institute: Pioneering Institution That Proceeded Historically Black Colleges & Universities

Founded on February 26, 1872, Cookman Institute was one of the first educational institutions for African Americans before the launching of HBCU’s. Click the link to learn more.

David Walker: Abolitionist And Pioneer of Black Nationalism & Black Power

David Walker was perhaps the original black nationalist. His publication of the “Appeal” demanded freedom for the enslaved and if necessary the use of violent rebellion to achieve it. Click the link to learn more.

An Untold Story: Slavery In Canada

Many are unaware that slavery existed in Canada for 200 years before it was abolished in 1833. Click the link to learn more.

Fab New Photo Of Harriet Tubman & 10 Amazing But Little Known Facts About Her Life

A new photo has emerged of a “younger” Harriet Tubman has been discovered! Check out the link to view the photo and learn some little known facts about her life.

Madison Washington: Architect Of The Most Successful Slave Revolt In U.S. History

Madison Washington was the architect of the most successful slave revolt in U.S. history. Click the link to learn more.

Charles L. Reason: 1st African American To Teach At A Predominately White College

In 1849 Charles Reason became the 1st African American to teach at a predominately white college. He taught, Greek, Latin, French and Math at New York Central College. Click the link to learn more.

Why Do People Think Black History Starts With Slavery and Ends With MLK?

As black people, slavery is certainly a part of our history. However, our history as a people does not start or end with slavery. Jane Landers of Vanderbilt University shares some wonderful, yet little known info about the history of Africans in the Americas! Click the link to view.

Rev. Daniel J. Jenkins: Founder of Jenkins Orphanage & Jenkins Orphanage Band

Jenkins Orphanage was started by a former slave, Rev. Daniel J. Jenkins in 1891 when Jenkins found for 4 black boys living in an abandoned railroad car. He brought them home to live with his family and began to take in other children as well. After 125+ years, the organization is still serving children today. Click the link to learn more.

106 Year Old Virginia McLaurin Visits President Obama At The White House

At 106 years old, Virginia McLaurin gets to meet the black president she thought she would never live to see. Click the link to view the White House video.

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