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Black History: Special Delivery!!


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Quote: “My authenticity is my rebellion.” -Viola Davis

Black History: Special Delivery!!

My authenticity is my rebellion.” -Viola Davis

Remembering “The Godfather” James Brown

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Today we remember THE GODFATHER OF SOUL, James Joseph Brown, (5/3/33 – 12/25/06). Hard to believe it’s been 11 years! Gone too soon! We hope you enjoy these photos.


Black History:  Special Delivery!


KweliTV is a streaming service that will launch in December 2015 that is looking to change the face of streaming tv!  “Kweli” is Swahili in origin. It means “truth”.  The streaming service will feature films, documentaries docu series and other content from the black diaspora!  Programs can be viewed “on demand.”

KweliTV was founded by DeShuna Spencer.  Initially it was difficult for her to find investors.  She was able to get start up costs through a $20,000 grant she was awarded.  A journalist by trade, Spencer is a radio show host in Washington DC.  She also founded Empower Magazine in 2010 “to help change the way black people are portrayed in media”.  Sounds like an exciting venture!  Glad to hear about KweliTV and Ms. Spencer changing the media landscape!

Check out the website for more info!

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