Black History: Special Delivery!!


Black Lives Matter

7th Anniversary Of Trayvon Martin’s Death

Black History: Special Delivery!!

On February 6, 2012, Trayvon Martin was killed. Today is the 7th anniversary of his death.
African American commentator Joy Reid shared powerful commentary that we previously posted. It is worth sharing again. “People assume that black young men are only scary, never scared” -Joy Reid

Today we honor is memory.

Oppressor Approved Protests?

Black History: Special Delivery!!

No true protest has ever been oppressor approved” -Enid Gaddis

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“Kids Who Die” By Langston Hughes

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

It is astonishing to consider that “Kids Who Die” was written by Langston Hughes in 1938…..77 Years ago!  The words are still ringing true even today!  The poem is narrated in this video by actor Danny Glover.

Kids Who Die by Langston Hughes

This is for the kids who die, Black and white, For kids will die certainly. The old and rich will live on awhile, As always, Eating blood and gold, Letting kids die.

Kids will die in the swamps of Mississippi Organizing sharecroppers Kids will die in the streets of Chicago Organizing workers Kids will die in the orange groves of California Telling others to get together Whites and Filipinos, Negroes and Mexicans, All kinds of kids will die Who don’t believe in lies, and bribes, and contentment And a lousy peace. Continue reading ““Kids Who Die” By Langston Hughes”

5 People Shot At Site Of Black Lives Matter Protest In Minneapolis

Black History:  Special Delivery!!


5 Black Lives Matter Protesters Shot in Minneapolis, MN.  See. NPR article for more info.

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