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Tope Awotona: Billionaire Founder & CEO of Calendly

Tope Awotona is the billionaire founder and CEO of Calendly. Click the link to learn more.

Black Mail Blog Hits 200k Views!!

The Black Mail Blog is excited to celebrate 200K+ blog views! It’s been nearly 7 years of bringing you BLACK HISTORY: SPECIAL DELIVERY!! Click the link to learn more!

Oh No He Didn’t: Ben Carson Calls Enslaved Africans “Immigrants”

Dr. Ben Carson refers to enslaved Africans as “immigrants” during recent speech. Click the link to learn more.

Nancy Wilson: Iconic Songstress Turns 80

Nancy Wilson, legendary songstress turns 80!

Viola Davis:  Joins An Elite Group Of Actors By Winning Emmy, Tony, & Oscar Awards

On 2/26/17, Viola Davis joined a signature group of actors to win Emmy, Tony, and Oscar Awards.

25th Infantry Bicycle Corp: Black Soldiers On Wheels

The 25th Infantry Bicycle Corp was enlisted to pilot the use of bicycles as a mode of transportation for the U.S. Army. Click the link to learn more.

Diane Nash – Unsung Hero Of The Civil Rights Movement

Diane Nash was a true trailblazer and warrior of the Civil Rights Movement! Click the link to learn more.

Dr. Myra Adele Logan: First Woman To Perform Open Heart Surgery

Dr. Myra A. Logan was the first woman to perform open heart surgery. Click the link to learn more.

Red Summer Race Riots of 1919

The summer of 1919 was hailed as “Red Summer” due to the bloodshed caused by violent race riots across the country. Click the link to learn more!

Onesimus: An Enslaved African Who Saved Many Lives Through An African Healing Practice

Onesimus was an enslaved African who shared an African healing practice for small pox that saved many lives. Click the link to learn more.

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