Black History: Special Delivery!!

mary thelma washington
Mary Thelma Washington

Mary T. Washington (1906-2005), the first African American female CPA in the U.S. was born in Vickburg, MS. She went to live with her maternal grandparents in Chicago at the age of 6 when her mother died. After high school graduation, she took a job with Binga State Bank; a black owned bank. The bank’s vice president, Arthur Wilson, who was also her supervisor took note of her bookkeeping skills and encouraged her to pursue higher education. She enrolled in Northwestern University’s School of Business in Chicago. She was the only one in the program, as well as the only African American. Washington was very fair-skinned, her fellow students and instructors thought she was white. Continue reading “Mary T. Washington: 1st African American Female Certified Public Accountant (CPA) In The U.S.”