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Martin Luther King Sr.

Actor Samuel L. Jackson:   Allegedly Expelled from Morehouse College in 1969

Black History:  Special Delivery

In 1969, actor Samuel L. Jackson was expelled from Morehouse College.  As a student, Jackson was critical of Morehouse’s conservative culture and environment; describing the college as a, “breeding politically correct negroes”.  Jackson joined the “Concerned Students” organization; which was sought to challenge the Morehouse board of trustees to revamp the college.  The group was seeking four things:  implementation of a Black studies program; increased community involvement with the housing projects near the campus; increase the number of people of color on the board of trustees so that they held majority voting rights; and for the six Black colleges in Atlanta to merge as into one institution, centered on Black Studies which would be known as Martin Luther King University. 

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Samuel L. Jackson: More Than Just An Actor!

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Did you know that actor Samuel L. Jackson was active in the civil rights movement?

samuel l jackson

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Martin Luther King Jr: Did You Know About His Name Change?

Black History:  Special Delivery!!

... martin luther king sr martin luther king jr martin luther king iii
Martin Luther King, Sr., Martin Luther King, Jr., Martin Luther King, III

Martin Luther King Jr’s  legal name at birth was Michael King, Jr.  He was named after his father, Michael King, Sr.  Michael King, Sr. decided to change names in 1934 after attending a religious conference in Germany.  He changed both of their names to Martin Luther because of the admiration he developed for the German religious reformer, Martin Luther.

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