The name "Otis F Boykin" is at the top of the graphic.  Below the name is a picture of Otis Boykin with the words, "Otis Frank Boykin invented the wire precision resistor. His invention significantly reduced the cost of many electronic devices and improved their quality. His inventions impacted electronic devices such as computers and artificial heart pacemakers."

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Black inventor Otis F. Boykin was born in 1920 in Dallas, Texas. His mother died before his first birthday. His father was employed as a carpenter and later became a minister.  Boykin graduated from Fisk University in 1941. While in college, he worked as a laboratory assistant at an aerospace laboratory, testing automatic aircraft controls. Following graduation from Fisk, Boykin was employed as a lab assistant for Majestic Radio and TV Corporation in Chicago, Illinois, and eventually became a supervisor there. In 1944, he began employment with the P.J. Nilsen Research Laboratory. Boykin began graduate studies in 1944 but quickly dropped out because he could not afford the tuition. In 1946, Boykin briefly led his own company, Boykin-Fruth, Inc., where he began developing various inventions. 

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