Black History: Special Delivery!!


Ellen Walker Craig (1906 – 2000) was the first African American woman to be elected mayor of a municipality in the United States by popular vote. Craig was a life long resident of Urbancrest, OH. Urbancrest is located near Columbus, OH.  She was mayor from 1972-1975. Under her administration, Urbancrest received a $3 million dollar housing complex for low income citizens. She also improved street lighting, and made street repairs. A former domestic worker, she gained political experience through membership and leadership in several civic and political organizations. She also served on the Urbancrest City Council for 12 years.

She and her husband were also well known for their generosity. In their home they had a special drawer that was called, “God’s Drawer”. Located in her china cabinet, she and her husband kept money in the drawer for the needy. Each pay period they put money into the drawer and when families in the community had a need, “God’s Drawer” was opened. Ellen Walker Craig died in 2000.

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