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Voting Rights Act 1965

Jimmie Lee Jackson:  His Death Inspired The Selma To Montgomery March “Bloody Sunday”

Black History: Special Delivery!!

Jimmie lee jackson
Jimmie Lee Jackson (1938 – 1965)

Jimmie Lee Jackson (1938 – 1965) was born in Marion, Alabama. In February, 1965, Jackson was a 26 year old Vietnam veteran, a father, and the youngest deacon at his church. He worked as a laborer. Jackson was also an active supporter of voting rights. He had been working with other activists to advocate for voting rights in Selma and Marion, Alabama. When Dr. Martin Luther King arrived in Selma in 1965, Jackson had already attempted to register to vote several times. Dr. King decided to bring the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) to Selma because he was concerned about the police brutality being experienced by non-violent black activists. He hoped to get the attention of national media outlets to the violence that was occurring. He hoped this attention would put pressure on President Lyndon Johnson to pass voting rights legislation.

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Selma To Montgomery Quiz – Answers

Black History:  Special Delivery!!


Earlier today, we invited our Black Mail Readers to take a quiz on the Selma To Montgomery March. As promised here are answers!
1)T or F: March on Selma was in support of passing the Civil Rights Act.  FALSE
2)T or F: March on Selma was organized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  FALSE
3)T or F: The NAACP & SCLC organized the marches  FALSE
4)Bonus Question: How many miles was the march from Selma to Montgomery A)17 miles B)45 miles C)54 miles  ANSWER IS C – 54 MILES

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