Black History:  Special Delivery!!

Lisa Gelobter (1971 – )

African American computer scientist Lisa Gelobter (1971 – ) has played an integral role in bringing several internet technologies to market.  Perhaps her most recognized project is developing the animation that is used to create GIFs.  Gelobter previously worked as the Chief Digital Service Officer for the U.S. Department of Education during the Obama Administration.  She also worked as Chief Digital Officer for BET. Little is known about her background.  Being a technology executive, she is likely very adept at keeping her digital footprint to a minimum!  Gelobter is a 1991 graduate of Brown University.  There she earned a computer science degree with an emphasis in artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

While working in the Obama administration, she also helped to redesign the website, which enrolls Americans in Affordable Care Act health insurance benefits.  She improved the functionality of the site by making the application more streamlined/efficient.  Gelobter started a digital firm in 2016, tEQuitable, where she serves as CEO.  The firm has created confidential technology to support firms in identifying and addressing bias, discrimination, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace.