Black History: Special Delivery!!

Dr. John K. Haynes (1943 – )

Dr. John K. Haynes (1943 – ) was born in Monroe, LA. Hayne’s father was a local business owner and a high school principal. His mother was also a teacher. Haynes grew up in Ruston, Louisiana and later Baton Rouge. Upon graduating high school, he enrolled in Morehouse College, earning a B.S. in biology. In 1970, he received a Ph.d in biology at Brown University.

Haynes is recognized for his research on sickle cells. He began his research while pursuing his Ph.d and continued the research post doctorate at Brown University. He also collaborated with Meharry Medical School on his research. Haynes, was then invited to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to continue his research for two years focusing his research on biochemistry. His research partner was Vernon Ingraham. Together they studied sickle cell anemia at the molecular level and discovered that red blood cells were getting caught passing through small capillaries because their shape had changed. Haynes was also able to develop a method to examine the cells under a microscope to tell whether, or not a patient has sickle cell disease.

Eventually, Haynes method was utilized in large-scale screening for the disease. Haynes continued to further his research and analyze the impact of sickle cells. Hayne’s work resulted in his becoming a member of the American Society for Cell Biology. Haynes returned to Morehouse, in 1979, as a professor of biology, and, would go on to become Dean of Science and Mathematics. In this role, he worked to recruit students of color to the fields of science and health. Haynes currently serves as the David E. Packard Chair in Science at Morehouse. He remains active recruiting students into STEM careers.