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Tope Awotona is the billionaire founder and CEO of Calendly.  Calendly is an online scheduling platform designed to make meeting scheduling easier. Awotona founded the company in 2013 after being frustrated with the back-and-forth process required to schedule meetings. The platform currently has 10+ million users. Calendly users like the platform’s ease of access and “no ads” feature available to premium users. Its clientele includes companies such as Lazy Boy and Ancestry.com.

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Awotona moved to the United States at age fifteen, where his family settled in Marietta, GA. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Georgia, where he graduated with a degree in business. He worked in several sales positions after graduation before trying his hand at entrepreneurship. Awotona had three failed business ventures before finding success with Calendly. The failed ventures included a dating website, projector sales, and garden equipment. 

Awotona invested his life savings of $200,000 in launching Calendly. The platform has some serious competitors, including Microsoft, Square, and Doodle. Awotona hopes to expand the platform with new features, including enhanced analytics and attaching applicant resumes to recruiter calendars.

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