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5 Things to Know About Blacks and Native Americans

Ebony Magazine’s “5 Things To Know About Blacks and Native Americans” is both a humorous and informative article on the relationship between Blacks and Native Americans.  The article touches on:

  1. How We First Hooked Up
  2. Some Native American Tribes Held Slaves:
  3. You Do Not Have “Indian Up In Your Family”  
  4. Okay, Maybe You Do Have Some Native Blood
  5. The Definitive Book:  Black Indians, By William Loren Katz

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As many are celebrating Thanksgiving, this article shares some historical perspectives regarding the relationship between the English settlers and Native Americans who were already here when the Pilgrims arrived.  Though Thanksgiving for many is a time to celebrate and be thankful with family and friends; there are many who view the holiday as a national day of mourning due to the displacement and disenfranchisement of Native American tribes by English settlers.

Thanksgiving was made an official U.S. national holiday by President Lincoln during the Civil War 1863.  He felt this would promote national unity since the country was in the throes of war.  Thanksgiving had been celebrated in various states and during various times of the year since 1621.  However 1863, would mark the first time the holiday was celebrated nationally at the same time.


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